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A urologist doctor is a medical doctor who specializes in the urinary tract and male reproductive system. They are also commonly known as genitourinary doctors. Patients are typically referred to a urinary tract specialist when a physician suspects the patient has an underlying condition involving the bladder, urethra, kidneys, or adrenal glands.

Urologists are specifically trained to examine men’s fertility and reproductive health, including the diagnosis and treatment of reproductive disorders. They also have a general healthcare background, particularly in addressing men’s health concerns. The best urologist will carefully assess your case and provide an individualized diagnosis.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of urology in Pakistan, covering everything from common urological conditions to the best urologists and hospitals in the country.

Understanding the Urinary System

The urinary system is responsible for removing waste products and excess water from the body. The kidneys are the primary organs of the urinary system, and they filter the blood to remove waste products, excess water, and other substances from the blood that the body does not need. The urine produced by the kidneys is then transported to the bladder through two tubes called ureters. The bladder stores urine until it is eliminated from the body through the urethra.

What is Urology?

Urology is a part of health care that deals with diseases of the male reproductive organs and female urinary tract (kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra). A Urologist or a male sexual health specialist is a medical professional who diagnoses and treats urological conditions, such as urinary tract infections, stone disease, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. Urologists in Pakistan are highly trained and specialize in various sub-specialties of Urology.

What are Urologists called in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, Urologists are generally called by the same name, “Urologist”. However, in some areas or hospitals, they may also be referred to as “Urinary Tract Specialists” or “Renal Surgeons”

What are the different subspecialties of Urology in Pakistan?

Urology is a broad field that includes general surgery and several subspecialties. Some of the subspecialties of urology in Pakistan include

Female Urology – This subspecialty of urology focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions that affect women, such as urinary incontinence and bladder prolapse.

Pediatric Urology – Pediatric urologists specialize in urology and the diagnosis and treatment of urological conditions in children.

Urologic Oncology – Focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of urological cancers, such as bladder cancer, prostate cancer, and chronic kidney disease.

Male Sexual Health – This subspecialty focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of male sexual health conditions such as erectile dysfunction and male infertility.

Kidney Transplantation – This subspecialty deals with the diagnosis and treatment of patients who require kidney transplants and renal transplantation only.

What are some of the urological conditions treated by a urinary tract doctor?

Urologists specialists in Pakistan provide the best services and treat issues like Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy, Hypospadias Repair, Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (PCNL), Urethral Stricture, Prostate Enlargement, Balloon Dilation, and Bedwetting.

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • Kidney stones and Ureteral stones
  • Prostate cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Bladder prolapse
  • Hematuria (blood in the urine)
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Interstitial cystitis (also called painful bladder syndrome)
  • Overactive bladder
  • Prostate Specific Antigen(swelling of the prostate gland)

What are a Urologist’s main areas of concern?

urologists are medical specialists and physicians who are primarily concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions and diseases related to the urinary tract and the male organs system. Their main areas and diseases of concern include:

Urinary tract

Urologists or doctors are trained doctors to diagnose and treat patients with various conditions related to the urinary tract, including bladder infections, urinary incontinence, and kidney stones. They also perform procedures such as surgery as cystoscopy and ureteroscopy to diagnose and treat urinary tract conditions.

Male reproductive system

Urologists are also concerned with the health of the male reproductive system, which includes the testicles, prostate gland, and penis. They diagnose and treat conditions such as erectile dysfunction, male infertility, and prostate cancer.

Renal transplant urology

Urologists who specialize in renal transplant urology are responsible for the surgical management of patients who require kidney transplants. They perform the surgery to remove the diseased kidney and replace it with a healthy one from a donor.

Paediatric urology

Some urologists specialize in paediatric urology, medicine, and surgery, which involves various procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary and genital problems in children. These may include conditions such as bedwetting, hypospadias, and undescended testicles.

Urologic oncology

Urologists who specialize in urologic oncology are concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs.

Urologists may also work in sub-specialty areas such as female urology, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract conditions in women, and male sexual health, which involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as premature ejaculation and low testosterone levels.

What procedures does a urologist do?

A urologist or a bladder specialist is a renal and male reproductive health specialist who diagnoses, treats, prevents, and manages a number of genitourinary conditions. They offer surgical and non-surgical services and perform a range of procedures, including physical examinations, digital rectal exams, prostate surgeries, lithotripsy to treat kidney stones, nephrectomy to remove kidneys, and vasectomy to prevent sperms from entering the semen.

How to Select the Best Urologist in Pakistan?

Identifying a certified urologist in Pakistan is important to the patient to ensure that you receive the best possible care for your urological condition. There are several ways to identify a certified urologist in Pakistan, including:

Check their credentials

A certified urologist in Pakistan should have the necessary qualifications and certifications from recognized medical institutions. Check if they doctors are registered with the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and if they have a valid license to practice.

Look for affiliations with reputable hospitals

A certified urologist in Pakistan should be affiliated with reputable hospitals that have a good track record in providing quality healthcare services. Look for urologists who work in hospitals that have received accreditation from recognized healthcare organizations.

Check for reviews and ratings

Online reviews top urologists, and ratings from other patients can help you identify a certified urologist in Pakistan. Look for urologists who have positive reviews and high ratings from their patients.

Ask for referrals

You can also ask for referrals from your primary care physician, family, and friends who may have undergone urological treatment. They can provide you with first-hand experiences and recommend a certified urologist in Pakistan who provided them with good care.

Consult professional organizations

Professional organizations such as the Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons (PAUS) can provide you with information about certified urologists in Pakistan. They maintain a directory of certified urologists in Pakistan, and you can check their website or contact them for assistance.

By taking the above steps, you can identify a certified urologist in Pakistan who has the necessary qualifications, experience, and expertise in urology, to provide you with the best possible care for your urological condition.

When Is It A Good Time To See An Urologist?

The following signs and symptoms may suggest the presence of a urologic issue, and it’s advisable to seek prompt consultation with a nearby urologist:

  • Blood in the urine
  • Pain in the loin
  • Pain in the groin
  • Frequent urination
  • Pain during urination
  • Uncontrolled leakage of urine, including dribbling
  • Lump in the scrotum
  • Pain in the scrotum
  • Sediments in urine

What is the fee range of top urologists in Pakistan?

The fee range of top urologists in Pakistan may vary depending on their qualifications, experience, and the location of their practice. On average, the initial consultation fee may range from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 5,000, and subsequent visits may cost between Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,500. However, fees may be higher or lower based on the factors mentioned above. It’s always a good idea to confirm the fees with the urologist’s office before scheduling an appointment.

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Best Urologist in Pakistan

There are several top-rated urologists in Pakistan who have gained recognition for their expertise and experience in the field. Some of the best urologists in Pakistan are:

  • Dr. Khawaja Muhammad Aziz Urologist MBBS – Lahore
  • Dr. Syed Adeebul Hassan Rizvi Urologist mbbs – Karachi
  • Dr. Adib Rizvi Urologist mbbs – Karachi
  • Dr. Rashid Latif Khan Urologist mbbs- Lahore
  • Dr. Sajjad Hussain Urologist mbbs- Lahore
  • Dr. Arshad Chohan Urologist mbbs- Lahore
  • Dr. Syed Asad Hussain Urologist mbbs- Lahore
  • Dr. Syed Muhammad Nazim Urologist mbbs – Islamabad
  • Dr. Tariq Shahab Urologist mbbs – Karachi
  • Dr. Salman Yousuf Guraya Urologist mbbs- Lahore.

These urologists are known for their exceptional skills and experience in treating various urological conditions with a patient-centric approach. Patients seeking urological care can consult with any of these specialists for accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


In conclusion, urological conditions can significantly affect a person’s quality of life, and it is important to seek proper medical care and treatment from a qualified urologist. Pakistan has several experienced and skilled urologists who specialize in diagnosing and treating various urological conditions.

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Is it necessary to undergo surgery for urological conditions?

Not all urological conditions require surgery. In many cases, non-surgical treatments such as medication or lifestyle changes can effectively manage the condition. However, in some cases, surgery may be necessary to address the issue.

Why would a man see a urologist?

A man may need to see a urologist for a variety of reasons such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and incontinence. Urologists are also specialized in treating male infertility and performing vasectomies. Additionally, men may be referred to a urologist for routine prostate exams as they age.

Is urology male or female?

Urology is a medical specialty that deals with both male and female urinary tract systems as well as the male reproductive organs. Although the term “urologist” is commonly associated with male doctors, there are many female urologists who specialize in the field.

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