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About Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan is a highly certified and renowned pediatrician in Lahore, with more than 30 years of experience in the field. The doctor holds numerous qualifications and provides exceptional treatment for all pediatric-related diseases. Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan has successfully treated over 375 patients via online consultations, receiving 353 positive patient reviews. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan, please call 03008423673.

Services Provided by Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan– Pediatrician:

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan is a healthcare provider who helps children manage their medical conditions. The doctor supports children in coping with their illnesses and assists parents in understanding their child’s disability. Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan also minimizes discomfort during medical procedures and hospital stays, which is a common role of child life specialists.

One of Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan’s primary responsibilities as a child life specialist is to educate children about their diagnosis in a manner appropriate for their age and level of comprehension. Additionally, child life specialists offer emotional support to patients during treatment, explain procedures and medical terminology, and ensure that children receive compassionate care.

As a medical professional, Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan specializes in the physical, psychological, and behavioral care of children from infancy to age 18. The doctor begins by taking a medical history, making a diagnosis, discussing the issue with parents, and recommending the best possible treatment for the child. Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan may also suggest specific preventative measures based on the child’s age and other factors.


The individual in question holds an MBBS from King Edward Medical College, an M.D. from Saint Joseph Mercy in Michigan, USA, a D.A.B.P. from the Diplomate American Board of Pediatrics, and an F.A.A.P. from the Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics. They currently work as a consultant child specialist and neonatologist.

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan Experience:

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan has been rendering medical assistance to his patients for the last three decades, and his accomplishments speak for themselves. His exemplary success rate is indicative of his expertise in treating children, making him a distinguished Pediatrician in Lahore. Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan’s patients are handled with meticulous care and attention, thereby amplifying his stature as one of the preeminent medical practitioners in his field of specialization.

Patient Satisfaction Score:

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan’s patients hold him in high regard, with an astonishing patient satisfaction score of 98. His exceptional skills and expertise have garnered glowing reviews on online platforms, with the majority of his patients expressing their utmost satisfaction with the quality of treatment he provides. It’s no wonder that Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan comes highly recommended for the treatment of child-related medical concerns.

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan Appointment Details:

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan, the Pediatrician, is available for online platform in-person and online video consultation.

Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan‘s Faisal Town, Lahore:

Faisal Town, Lahore
Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan‘s clinic timings are 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM
You can contact Dr. Tariq Rafiq Khan at 03008423673
  • Languages : English , Urdu
  • Gender : Male
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