Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan

Chest Respiratory Specialist

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan
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About Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan is a Chest Respiratory Specialist who practices through prodoctorfinder. With a significant number of 58 treated patients and 25 published reviews on prodoctorfinder, it suggests that Dr. Hasan has considerable experience in the field and has garnered positive feedback from his patients. These reviews can be helpful in assessing the quality of care and patient satisfaction associated with his practice as a chest respiratory specialist.

Qualifications:MBBS from Dow Medical College and DTCD from Karachi University

Experience:35 years of experience in this field.

Patient Satisfaction Score: 100%

Services of Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan

The Chest Respiratory Specialist’s, Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan, special areas of interest include:

  • Asthma Treatment
  • Treatment Of Seasonal Allergy
  • Asthma Treatment

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan’s Appointment Details

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan, the Chest Respiratory Specialist, is available for in-person and online video consultation on prodoctorfinder.

Video Consultation

Days:Monday to Sunday

Time: 11:00 AM – 02:00 PM

Hassan Consultation Clinic:North Nazimabad, Karachi.

Days:Monday to Saturday

Time: 07:00 PM – 09:30 PM

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan’s Fee

Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan’s fee is PKR 750 for online video consultation.

Book an appointment or video consultation with theChest Respiratory Specialist, Dr. Syed Nayyer Hasan, through prodoctorfinder. Top-rated other medical practitioners from different specialties including Spine Specialist, Vaccine Specialists,s and Chest Surgeons are also on our panel for in-person appointment/bookingandonline video consultation.

  • Languages : English ,Urdu
  • Gender : Female