Dr. Shafat Ullah

Dr. Shafat Ullah

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Naveed Pirzada
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About Dr. Shafat Ullah – Cosmetic Surgeon, Karachi

Dr. Shafat Ullah, a renowned Cosmetic Surgeon in Karachi, has established a strong reputation through their professional practice in the field. With a focus on cosmetic surgery, Dr. Shafat Ullah has garnered numerous successful patient feedback and possesses extensive knowledge in this specialized area. Additionally, as a skilled practitioner, Dr. Shafat Ullah is experienced in treating conditions such as Planter Wart.

Diseases treated by Dr. Shafat Ullah

Some of the common diseases treated by Dr. Shafat Ullah include:

  • Massive Obesity
  • Unaligned Jaw
  • Planter Wart

Dr. Shafat Ullah’s Appointment Details

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  • Languages : English, Urdu
  • Gender : Male
  • Cosmetic Surgery