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About Dr. Naraain Daas – Eye Specialist, Karachi

Dr. Naraain Daas is a famend Eye Specialist primarily based in Karachi. There are a couple of medical doctors running in Karachi however Dr. Naraain Daas has managed to acquire a standard popularity via their expert practice in the area of Eye Specialist. Eye Specialist has an excessive quantity of value in the scientific and healthcare fields. Dr. Naraain Daas has had many profitable affected person feedbacks and has a thorough understanding of its field. An Eye Specialist is a specialist in treating Squints.

Following are the services provided by Eye Specialist:

  • Vitreo-Retinal Surgery
  • Diabetic Eye Care

Diseases treated by Dr. Naraain Daas

Some of the common diseases treated by Dr. Naraain Daas include:

  • Retinopathies
  • Short-Sightedness
  • Chalazion

Dr. Naraain Daas’s Appointment Details

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  • Languages : English ,Urdu
  • Gender : Male
  • Ophthalmology